Sunday, December 8, 2013

say it with heart

When it comes to fashion, people say to splurge every now and then on luxury items, such as a Chanel bag or a pair of Louboutin heels. These items may be worth the money at the time and will remain one of your most beloved pieces, but who's to say the next day you aren't going to be lusting after the newest Burberry trench leaving your latest splurge to collect dust? These luxury items come and go with waves of trends, so why not splurge on items that are staples to your everyday wear? That's where BellaLuxx comes in. Their entire collection is made up of basic staples that are timeless & seasonless. These staple pieces, such as a basic V-neck Tee or Silk Button-Up Blouse, will remain in your closet season after season becoming your go-to pieces for those on-the-go days. BellaLuxx is all about the modern busy girl who needs something chic yet comfortable to wear to tackle her day and that's exactly what their collection exudes. Their high-end soft fabrics make staple pieces seem like statement pieces that you can wear everyday! Could it get any better?

BellaLuxx's pieces can be dressed up or down due to their solid colors & easy structures. That's why I fell in love with their oversized pullover & matching track pants. You can take this set and dress it up (like I did) with fur & heeled booties or dress it down with espadrilles and a leather jacket. There is so many possibilities with these pieces as a set or separates. All in all, with this set, you are basically getting three outfits for the price of one. 

Oversized Pullover / BellaLuxx
Track Pants / BellaLuxx
Fur Vest / Bakers
Chief Boots / Hallelu Boutique
Arm Band / Lovingly Blessed Designs / Hallelu Boutique
YSL Inspired Ring / Missguided

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