Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OneSight / World Sight Day

The sense of sight is something millions around the world take for granted. It's not everyday you thank your lucky stars for your vision as much as you do for your iPhone (let's be real). For me, I'm constantly reminded by my poor vision as I put in and take out my contacts at the beginning and end of each day. Since I was 12, I've had progressively poor eyesight as I am now at a staggering 20/450 as opposed to perfect vision, which is 20/20. I was lucky enough to have the accessibility of vision care at the local optometrist's office, but millions around the world don't have such luxuries. OneSight is a non-profit organization that actively addresses the need for vision care around the world in undeserved communities making vision care accessible and affordable. They provide free eye exams and eye glasses at charitable vision centers, while also partnering with local communities to provide affordable eye care for people in need. This organization gives people in need of vision care a chance to SEE. This Thursday, October 9th, OneSight is holding World Sight Day in Times Square to give people a taste of what it's like to have poor vision with absolutely no help. Show your support by attending World Sight Day, but if you are not a resident of New York, you can always show your support by donating HERE. Don't take for granted what others consider a blessing!

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