Thursday, January 15, 2015


When I stumbled upon this dress on I literally thought to myself, "that is literally the most beautiful dress I've ever seen." From the plunging neckline to the poet sleeves, this dress embodies every type of style that I love. The high slit and plunging neckline gives the dress an edge, while the flowing maxi and seventies-esque poet sleeves gives it a whimsical boho flare. At first, I thought styling this dress would be easy- I would just go with a Grecian goddess type look, but I wanted to take this dress an edgy and minimal way.

My recent obsession has been harness bralettes. Since the dress is pure white, nothing was going to be left to the imagination when it came to choosing undergarments, so I thought why not show off the details of the harness bralette with the plunging neckline. This way, the bralette acts as an accessory while also providing coverage. Adding stiletto ankle boots gave the dress an extra push into the edgier side, while I stayed true to my personal everyday wear with my beloved wide-brimmed hat (possibly an ode to Saint Laurent ;)). When it comes down to it, only 5 key elements were used to create this look, and sometimes that's all you need! 

Dress / ShopAKIRA
Harness Bralette / Urban Outfitters 
Clutch / ShopAKIRA

Photos / Abby Oliver

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  1. Gorgeous white dress and it looks great with the tiny bit of black poking through