Sunday, February 17, 2013

Camo Lovin'

 Camo is something I never thought I would even consider wearing, but this perfect camo jacket from Hallelu Boutique completely changed my mind. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable, it has the perfect girly jewels to feed my need for sparkle. Camo isn't something you should pair with a bunch of other patterns, so that's why I chose neutrals to accompany it. I furthered the military feel with the addition of my HalfUnited bullet necklace, which I thought went perfectly with the entire look.

Camo Jacket / Hallelu Boutique
Leather Pants / Hallelu Boutique
White Tank/ BDG / Urban Outfitters
Bullet Necklace / HalfUnited / Hallelu Boutique
Reflective Sunnies / Hallelu Boutique
Bag / Michael Kors
Watch / Michael Kors

Photos / Nick Tudor

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